Fall trends

Yes i’m still alive, my laptop was being annoying while i was writing this last week, so i got frustrated and stopped.But here i am with a new post.

Summer had really ended so that means  no summer clothes anymore. Today i’m going to help you guys and show you all the trends for fall.


Off- shoulder


The off-shoulder trend is still active in autumn, so don’t think it’s only suitable for summer cause it isn’t. I don’t really think the weather in Holland is gonna be so good that you can wear something like the picture on the right, but if it’s possible in your country, rock it.



I hope this is going to be a big trend, because i really like  ruffles, it’s very wearable for everyone. It can be a very minimalistic ruffle on a T-shirt or dress full of ruffles, it really depends on your own style.



Over the knee / thigh high boots

This is my favourite trend, i really like these kind of boots as a matter of fact i ordered them this week at H&M. It can look very cool with a oversized shirt or dress.



Yes fashion can be comfortable. For all the lazy people among us, this is for you guys. Not only hoodies are a trend right now but sweatpants/ joggers too. If you don’t want it to look too sporty you can always wear heels underneath your sweats




Chokers are an amazing way to make your outfit look complete. A simple outfit can sometimes look boring, but wearing a statement choker with it can change the whole outfit.


Faux fur

Faux fur items are really a thing this season, not only coats can be faux fur but a clutch or even shoes  can have a bit of fur in it.



A suit sounds so formal, but you can also see it as a two piece. Matching is cool now so don’t be afraid to try it out.



I really love this fabric, it’s not something that everyone likes but i think it can look very good. And as you can see the second outfit is also a two piece, so two trends in one picture.


This post has come to an end, so till next time.

Xoxo, Rokaya


23 thoughts on “Fall trends

    1. Yess, i do. If your style is very simple, you can just wear a shirt with some ruffles or a bit of velvet. But if you’re more in to fashion, a pair of thigh high boots can look very cool with a oversized hoodie. It’s the same with chokers, almost everyone wears them. I think all trends can be wearable, if you find the right items. Xx

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