’90s baby

Today i’m going to talk about my favourite era, the ’90s! It’s not only the fashion i’m obsessed with, but also the music and the movies. I mean everybody can appreciate a bit of Clueless, isn’t that right?

I’m going to show y’all some outfits that can still be worn and a couple of hairstyles. So if our ’90s love is mutual, read on…



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I chose these outfits because they are not too crazy and can still be worn in 2016.  The cool thing is that you can see a lot of trends that are fashionable right now, for example the oversized jackets, the patches and turtle necks.



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Mariah Carey’s hair looks so amazing! I really like these hairstyles and think they can look very cute, they are not too much and simple to do. So if you’re tired of always wearing a ponytail, you can use this as an inspiration.


Till next time lovelies!

Xoxo, Rokaya


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