Fur sure!

Winter is really here and what better to wear than faux fur? I need to be honest i do really have an obsession with faux fur and today is the day that i’m going to share my obsession with you guys.I personally love faux fur, because it can make you look so rich. The first person that comes in my mind when i think of fur is Elizabeth Taylor, i don’t even really know why but i do know that she always looked amazing in her  fury coat.  Actually not only Elizabeth Taylor, but just the whole 60’s decade. Everything looked so rich and beautiful. Women were so beautiful and looked feminine not only in their fur coats but just in general.

Now i’m not saying that fur is just a 60’s thing, because it’s  ageless. It’s also a really cool statement piece. What i really like is the different colors fur, because there’s so much more than only black, white and brown. You can have fur in all colors from green to red and not only are there different colors but also different textures.  So now after all that talking, im going to show you all some fury outfits.

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Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!

Xoxo, Rokaya


2 thoughts on “Fur sure!

  1. Oh my goodness I can relate. I always tell myself every winter that I’ll buy a basic double breasted coat, but I’ll end up with a wool trench coat with faux fur collar or another full on faux fur coat, like I need another one. 🙄 Lol
    Thank you for following!!

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