Fashion Faves Of The Moment

Hi guys, in this post I’m going to share my current fashion faves. So read on..

I saw a lot of these things back in the streetstyle of fashionweek, that’s where i get a lot of my inspiration it’s more wearable and it’s cool to see how everyone has their own style and expresses themselves.



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Statement bags

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Midi skirts with sweaters

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Leather coats

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So these are some of my faves of the moment, I love how a lot of trends are coming back. I was looking through pictures of fashionweek and was really surprised to see the comeback of leather coats. It’s a very daring choice to wear, but can look so fashionable. You can usually find them in vintage stores. I  really like  puffers, because it can be something you wear with a casual outfit but also with a  chic one.

Mixing and matching of styles is something I personally really like because you can really  develop your own style.This can very simple like putting a sweater on a midi skirt or wearing sweatpants with heels. As I already said I get a lot of inspiration from streetstyle and love how everybody has their own style, nobody looks the same. It’s funny to see how people can wear the same items, but style them so different. So i would really recommend to look through those blogs and pictures, because it can give you a lot of new and fresh ideas. My favourite Instagram pages of streetstyle photographers are  The outsider blog , Soren Jepsen and Adam Katz Sinding .

Well I don’t think I even need to explain why I love my statement bags, corset belts and fishnets, these accessoires can be really cool details to your outfit. It’s also not too much and can be worn with really simple outfits.

Thanks for reading and till next time!

Xoxo, Rokaya






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